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The Canadian Retail Shippers' Association.

Together we’re stronger.


Who we are

The Canadian Retail Shippers' Association is a group of retail focused companies that collaborate on their Asia to Canada supply chains to improve service and reduce costs.


What we do

The CRSA combines direct import volumes from Asia to jointly procure ocean freight, manage P.O.s, consolidate and deconsolidate loads and deliver shipments to destinations across Canada while dramatically reducing logistics costs.


Benefits of membership

CRSA Members enjoy the control and transparency of an "in-house" international logistics organization as well the reduced logistics costs that result from CRSA's position as one of the largest retail ocean buyers in Canada.


In today’s global market, it’s tough to go it alone. Especially if you’re transporting thousands of orders from Asian suppliers to destinations across Canada. So how do you unlock the potential of your retail supply chain? Ensure high service levels and operational transparency? Cut transportation costs without impacting your customer experience?

What if you could join forces with other Canadian retailers and retail suppliers to combine international shipment volumes, get better service and reduce costs? You can.

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